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A DUI arrest and conviction in Chicago and surrounding Cook County will mean that you face life-altering consequences, including serious penalties such as jail time, loss of driving privileges, large fines, expensive alcohol awareness classes, and burdensome community service. A DUI conviction may also lead to increased insurance costs, significant employment difficulties, the possibility of lost income, and other financial penalties and restrictions, as well as considerable personal embarrassment.
If you are serious about defending your freedom, protecting your driving privileges, and reducing the negative financial impacts of your DUI arrest, you need a skilled, experienced and responsive DUI lawyer. If the proper paperwork is not immediately filed on your behalf, you will automatically lose your license 46 days after your DUI arrest. Immediate action is required for both felony DUI and misdemeanor charges.
When you retain the Law Office of Ava George Stewart, your case will be personally handled by Ava, a former prosecutor, and the Illinois State Delegate for The National College of DUI Defense. Ava will aggressively investigate all the legal, technical, biological, and social aspects (and more) of your arrest. From correct police procedure and probable cause, to racial profiling; from Intoxilyzer to interrogation; every aspect of your felony or misdemeanor DUI case will be rigorously examined and reviewed in order to prepare the strongest legal defense to both the criminal and civil charges you face.
With Ava standing next to you at the bench, fighting to defend your privileges, freedom, and finances, you'll see first-hand the considerable respect she has earned among Cook County judges and prosecutors. You’ll be kept informed about the status of your case, and will always know what to expect, every step along the way; you'll be provided with easy-to-follow written instructions for your specific case. Ava will never hand off your case to 'substitute' attorneys who know nothing about you, and are ignorant about the details of your case. You'll also receive an explanation about how the charges may continue to affect you, even after your case is closed.
Notice: This website is for informational purposes only. No part of this website creates an attorney-client relationship. Ava will only represent you if you sign a fee agreement and pay her. Until that happens, you have not hired Ava.


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DUI lawyer Ava George Stewart has successfully handled thousands of DUI and traffic cases, including those with accidents and fatalities, in Chicago's Daley Center, at 26th and California, and at the other Cook County Courthouses in Bridgeview, Markham, Maywood, Rolling Meadows and Skokie. Don't take a chance on just any attorney. You owe it to yourself to put Ava's expertise to work and achieve the justice you deserve.

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